Teaser progress on Sophie from a few weeks ago.These are things that I am still doing.

Teaser progress on Sophie from a few weeks ago.
These are things that I am still doing.

No one likes when Strife smokes. Thank god it doesn’t happen much.

Anonymous said: I get the feeling your work is for private art people. I live your stuff, but I am getting discouraged in trying to see it or even buy it. I am sorry your so private about it. Why show the public if its so hard to view? Fiona Davis

It’s a shame that you feel as though my art is hard to view. Perhaps that is what you read as inactivity? Right now I work fulltime so I am not as active as I’d like to be. However, I like to think that tumblr is a very active and viral medium that isn’t very private at all! And I’m very open to commentary and replying. :) I like to show publicly because I’d like to share what I do atm, not because I’m looking for attention or sales.

Aa, speaking of sales though, I don’t actually have anything up for sale other than prints of my Tales Girls at the moment. You can always inquire about a commission though! Just keep in contact.

Sketches for Artslam | Days 10, 11, 12

Palette 12 with Amir from Bride’s Story (for Zan), A doodle of Mortar my OC.

Daily sketches for Artslam | Day 9Oh look. It’s an Opal. (for Mariegoos) Cleaned it up.

Daily sketches for Artslam | Day 9

Oh look. It’s an Opal. (for Mariegoos)
 Cleaned it up.

Daily sketches for Artslam | Day 4,5,6, 7 and 8

Yup, so I missed a few days in my working and unpacking. I could try to make up the days, but three days is a chore of work to do and I would rather move on and keep sketching! (At least I kept up my posemaniacs warmups?)

These are some in-progress from the colour palette meme. Lady-archers seem to be a theme!

Characters requested:
A character from Steven Universe (Opal)
Main character from A Bride’s Story (Amir)

Daily sketches for Artslam | Day 1 and 3

1: Sketch trade with Laitma: Luke dressed as Tear, my ocs Mortar and Pestle, and LS’s XinMi

3: Today I drew one of my friends as Mishima as a prop for our RahXephon cosplay.

My original intention was to keep the Tales stuff for the weekend when I have more time but the temptation is great. I’ve also been doing a half-hour of PoseManiacs as a warm-up. Lets see how long I keep up the heavy lifting.

So some of you might be curious why I said [ArtSlam]. Its something like NaNoWriMo only for art and as a summer initiative. The plan is I doodle all week in between my stressful job and on the weekends finish the Tales girls. The ultimate goal is to draw a little every day all summer.

I’ve finished moving and got my gear. My body is ready for this.