Are you guys ready? I hope you guys are ready… Cause I just got “first character in your likes x dancing with someone” and “sailor moon with googly eyes”.

So how do I celebrate getting a computer to work with? Why a digital sketch dump:

 “first character in your likes x dancing with someone”:
This turned out to be Oswald and Wilfred from Knights Errant. And at first I was like “SHIT YES! I get to do webcomic fanart!” But actually had a hard time imagining them casually dancing without it being brooding… which somehow led to (a little mini-comic?) Oswald teaching a formal dance. Hopefully this isn’t too out of character.

“sailor moon with googly eyes:”
Self explanatory.

And finally I combined the two together because I’m a terrible person. I regret nothing of the masterpiece that is durpy sailor moon. Although I’m probably the only one who will find this funny.

-> Random Sketch Generator

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