This is all you guys get sadly, which is more than I have posted on dA. So think of it as a bonus c:

These are progress pictures of my entry for GAIA: Vim Naturae, a project held by 60 deviantArtists come together to make an illustrated book with 100% proceeds toward Colombia’s floods, landslides, and rain damage. (And you thought the puny hurricane was bad. This has been going on for some time and is/was pretty disastrous.)

If you have money to spare, please consider donating toward the book or if it’s too much, just toward the Colombia in general (info of which can be found in the links above).

As for the book itself, info can be found here. The artbook will have around 70 full colored pages. The price of each one (in preorders)- $25 USD (excludes shipping and Paypal fee) If you are interested please order now as I did contend the price down for preorders, but they intend to raise it quite a bit when preorders are finished. IN A WEEK! PRE-ORDERS WILL BE RECEIVED UNTIL SEPT. 10th All of the pieces are about man, nature, and creation ranging from mellow to epic.

My piece, Crack Collect Create is about making something beautiful out of something else. (except in my own odd flare) I am considering entering this painting in a contest or possibly showing it at an opening, but in both cases I will be advertising the book as well.


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